Educational Excellence with an
Environmental Emphasis 
Stowe Elementary is an environmentally focused community school surrounded by lush woods near the Great Lake Superior. We are dedicated to educating students to become life-long learners and explorers of their natural, academic, and digital worlds.  Our experienced teachers and staff engage students through exciting programming and a robust curriculum aimed at high academic achievement for all.  Our school community would love to have you visit and take a tour! 

Contact Information
Principal:  Nathan Glockle
Secretary: Brenda VanDell              
Address: 715 - 101st Avenue West
               Duluth, MN 55808
Phone:  218-336-8965
Fax:  218-336-8969

May 2018 Newsletter

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Stowe Provides
  • Free All Day, Every Day Kindergarten
  • Preschool & Headstart Programming
  • Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)
  • Differentiated instruction offered throughout the curriculum
  • 90 minutes reading, plus 30 minutes of writing each day
  • 70 minutes of math plus 10 minutes facts/computation fluency in grades 2-5
  • Daily specialists in Art, Media, Music, and Physical Education
  • Advanced academic opportunities and comprehensive interventions to boost reading and math skills
  • Guidance and support to help students learn responsibility, citizenship and respect:
    • Full-time Social Worker
  • Parent and community partnerships to support education:
    • Boy and Girl Scouts on site
    • United Way Grandparents and Reading Partners 
  • YMCA Key Zone after school childcare and clubs:
    • scholarships with busing available

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