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Hours & Attendance

School hours are 7:45 - 2:15
Breakfast starts at 7:20, students should not arrive before 7:20. Students should enter through door I

Your child's attendance is very important to his/her school experience and academic success.
Being in class on time and in school on a regular basis is a predictor of graduation rates.
Please send a note, call or e-mail if your child will be absent.
Excused Absences
1. Illness
2. Illness of immediate family member making child unable to get to school
3. Medical or Dental appointments
4. Death in family
5. Religious/Spiritual days kept sacred to family when services are observed during school hours.
6. Family vacations

Unexcused Absences or Tardiness
All absences that are not outlined above.
Habitual tardiness is unexcused

Letters will be sent home starting when a student has 3 or more unexcused absences.  Habitual absences
may require us to contact Social Services to report educational neglect.